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Annual Card

An Annual Card is the one for you if you would like easy and free entrance in the three 2017 seasons.

An annual card is for everyone over 8 years of age who would like free entrance to Tivoli throughout 2017. All children under 8 years of age enjoy free entrance to Tivoli, and therefore do not need an annual card.

An Annual Card costs DKK 330.

When you purchase an annual card as a gift, you have the option of purchasing a gift box by going directly to the Tivoli Ticket and Service Centre. If you buy a Gold Card, Silver Card, or Wild Card you receive a gift box for free.

Annual cards purchased online will be dispatched in the post within 10 working days.

Has an Annual Card purchased as a gift not arrived in time? Print an annual card certificate.

Read more about the many membership benefits you can receive with a Tivoli annual card.

NB! The Annual Card is strictly personal to you in the same way as Tivoli's other types of annual cards.



  • Annual Card
    330 DKK