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When purchasing an annual card the following terms and conditions are regarded as being accepted. For this reason, please read these terms and conditions thoroughly before buying the annual card.

1. Guests with an annual card for Tivoli are members of the Tivoli Annual Card scheme.

2. All cards give free admission to Tivoli from the age of 8 years of age for the summer, for Halloween and for Christmas in Tivoli for the cardholder.

There are the following types of annual card:

- Annual Card: Admission for the cardholder. The card is strictly personal and is not valid for use by anyone but the cardholder.

- Wild Card: In addition to admission, the cardholder is entitled to receive a free Multi-ride ticket on each visit to Tivoli (only one per day). The Multi-ride ticket is personal to you and must not be sold on. Infringement of this is regarded as misuse of membership.

- Silver Card and Shareholder’s Card: In addition to admission, the cardholder has the option of bringing one companion free of charge per day. This is only valid when visiting with the cardholder, and it is a condition that the companion is a business associate, family member, colleague or friend of the cardholder.

- Gold and VIP Card: In addition to admission, the cardholder has the option of bringing up to four companions free of charge per day. This is only valid when visiting with the cardholder, and it is a condition that the companions are business associates, colleagues, family members or friends of the cardholder.

3. All types of annual card are strictly personal and only for use by the cardholder. The cardholder is responsible for ensuring that the annual card is not used improperly. If the annual card is used by someone other than the cardholder, this will be regarded as misuse, and the annual card will be cancelled and membership will stop. Misuse of an annual card may result in legal proceedings, as Tivoli reserves the right to claim compensation for damage sustained in connection with the misuse. The annual card will not be returned after cancellation, and you will receive neither a full nor a partial membership refund.

4. If the cardholder has purchased an annual card which must be activated, it is the responsibility of the cardholder to activate the annual card via, as indicated in the accompanying instructions. An annual card which is not activated will not provide admission to Tivoli and cannot be refunded or transferred to the next year.

5. In connection with use of an annual card, Tivoli takes a portrait photo of the cardholder which is saved for the purposes of admission control. When visiting Tivoli this photo will be displayed on a screen visible to the attendant at the entrance. The cardholder must produce valid identification if asked to do so. Cardholders who do not wish to have a photo registered must always produce picture identification at the entrance to Tivoli.

6. Free admission to Tivoli can only be obtained upon production of a valid annual card, likewise member benefits and discounts can only be obtained upon presentation of a valid annual card. If a cardholder has not brought a valid annual card with him, the cardholder must pay the normal entrance charge, which will not be refunded. In the case of a forgotten Wild Card, the cardholder must likewise pay the full price of an Unlimited Ride ticket.

7. If the cardholder loses his annual card, Tivoli Annual Card administration must be contacted immediately on +45 33 15 10 01 after which the annual card will be blocked. If the annual card is used by another person without it having been blocked, this is regarded as misuse and the card will be cancelled. Cancelled annual cards will not be returned and no refund will be given. A lost or damaged card can only be replaced upon payment of a fee equalling a normal entrance fee.

8. Tivoli reserves the right to cancel an annual card without notice if the cardholder has acted deceitfully or improperly in or towards Tivoli, or has displayed unacceptable behaviour towards other guests, employees or equipment at Tivoli, or has not complied with the Garden's Regulations in force at any given time at Tivoli or instructions from staff at Tivoli.

9. Membership of the Tivoli Annual Card and the annual card purchased are valid from the time of purchase/time of activation until the end of the calendar year in which the card was purchased. Membership comes to an end automatically afterwards unless renewed. An annual card purchased after Halloween will also be valid for the subsequent calendar year. 

10. Membership is binding and cannot be terminated or refunded during the period of validity. If two memberships have been issued in the same name, one membership can be refunded during the period of validity if the annual card has not already been used. Membership cannot be transferred to another person, although membership can be transferred in the case of a member's death upon payment of a fee equalling a normal entrance charge. Gift and commercial memberships are not refunded. If the annual card is unused, the gift membership can be transferred to another name within a week of it being received. If a new annual card has to be issued, payable for this is a fee equalling a normal entrance fee. An annual card sponsored by Tivoli can be upgraded upon payment of the price difference between the listed prices. Shareholder, press and other special cards cannot be altered.

11. Tivoli reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of membership without notice, including restricting the cardholder's access to Tivoli on certain days and at certain times. Changed terms and conditions of membership will be published on and cardholders who have registered with the service will also be notified by email.

11a. Tivoli reserves the right to restrict the cardholder's access to Tivoli on certain days or at certain times. This will be necessary for safety reasons, for example, or when limited access to Tivoli is required due to events inside or outside Tivoli. The cardholder will not be entitled to any compensation or refund in that connection.

12. Questions regarding the Tivoli Annual Card scheme should be addressed in writing or by telephone to: Tivoli Annual Card administration, Vesterbrogade 3, Postboks 233, 1630 Copenhagen V., tel. +45 33 15 10 01 and email

13. The card must be signed before use, and by signing the cardholder accepts the conditions above.

Marketing and newsletters

By purchasing a Tivoli Annual Card, you have an opportunity to receive emails and newsletters from Tivoli containing relevant membership benefits and offers, information on events and discounts at Tivoli, and offers and benefits that are available from Tivoli's collaboration partners. Tivoli collaborates with businesses within the tourism, automotive, clothing, drinks, hotel and energy industries. A list of Tivoli's current collaboration partners is available to members at It will always be Tivoli that sends out the offers on behalf of our collaboration partners. Members who do not wish to receive these emails and newsletters can unsubscribe by emailing or by pressing the “Unsubscribe from Tivoli Tæt På” button (“Afmeld Tivoli Tæt På”) at the bottom of the newsletter. The email address can also be used if you wish to unsubscribe from emails and newsletters when your membership ends, or at a later date.

How Tivoli processes personal information

A. We process personal information about our members and guests as a natural part of Tivoli's activities and marketing by Tivoli. It is Tivoli's policy to be open about how we process such information.

B. Tivoli collects, stores and processes information regarding names, addresses, photos, email addresses, telephone numbers and dates of birth of holders of Tivoli's annual cards together with information regarding these holders' preferred use of the Gardens and their activities, and use of the annual card's payment function.

C. Tivoli also registers information regarding holders' visits to the Gardens during the current season for the purpose of classification into categories and to guard against any misuse of the annual cards.

D. The information is used by Tivoli to give holders of the Tivoli annual cards the best possible information regarding activities and offers in the Gardens and to customise the Gardens and its offers to the members and their other guests.

E. In connection with use of an annual card, Tivoli takes a portrait photo of the cardholder. The photo, which will be used by Tivoli for the sole purpose of admission control, will be kept in a database. When visiting the Gardens the photo can be shown on a screen which is only visible to attendants at the entrance. Cardholders who do not wish to have a photo registered must always show picture identification when entering Tivoli and it can be noted in their personal data that they wish to use picture identification.

F. Tivoli attaches importance to the fact that all personal identification is kept confidential, and that the information can only be processed by employees who have received training in how personal information is to be processed to avoid the information being deleted or it getting into the wrong hands.

G. Tivoli reserves the right to carry out mail merging for the data on people who live at the same address. This avoids a family in which everyone has an annual card receiving, for example, four letters, one to the mother, one to the father and one to each of the children and instead they will receive one letter which contains all the information.

H. Tivoli guarantees that it updates as necessary the stored information so that the personal information is not kept for longer than necessary. When a membership is cancelled, all the relevant information for the member in question will be suspended. The member's personal information will be deleted a maximum of 36 months after membership stopped.

I.Members of the Tivoli Annual Card scheme are entitled to see what information Tivoli processes about them, and for what purpose the information is processed. Cardholders are also entitled to object to the information being processed and have the right to request rectification, deletion or blocking of information which is incorrect, misleading or in a similar way is being processed in contravention of the law. Members who wish to make use of these rights can contact Tivoli A/S, Vesterbrogade 3, 1630 Copenhagen V.