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The Gardens

Discover the many possibilities in Tivoli

Experience the world upside down!
A 45 meter tall tower with a 3-in-1 ride
Designed as rabbits and jackals. Which one are you?
Speed and excitement for the whole family.
Speed, fun and a lot of chasing.
Butterflies in the stomach and squeals of delight.
A nostalgic ride for everyone.
An adrenalin rush that lasts several minutes.
Enjoy a delightful boating trip on the Tivoli Lake.
Exciting, colourful balloons, real family fun or a romantic sunset.
A journey in a trunk through Hans Christian Andersen's famous fairy tales.
Butterflies in the stomach for the whole family.
Altitude, speed and excitement for the whole family.
Fun for the youngest.
Shoot at the diamonds and score points!
Excitement, butterflies in the stomach and lots of water
Speed, lots of swings and a train ride at second-floor level.
The Golden Tower for the youngest. You are lifted up, and then it is such fun as you are dropped down again.
Speed and excitement for the whole family.
This ride goes round and round – a bit like a spin drier.
An impressive 360-degree panorama view – that is, if you dare to look.
You can almost reach the stars.
Let the kids use their arm muscles.
Let the Trolley Car take you on a nice ride all around Tivoli.
Horsepower for the youngest.
The ultimate speed ride - upside down.

At Tivoli Ballet School, training is intensive, both individual skills with a focus on classical dance and the art of telling a story with your body.

Tivoli Ballet School is for everyone. It is not a prerequisite for admission to the ballet school that you have been to ballet before; everyone can participate and it should be fun.

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Tivoli’s own music guard

The Tivoli Youth Guard

The 100 children who now make up the Tivoli Youth Guard are the current face of a tradition stretching back to 1844, when the world’s first youth guard was formed as a “Lilliputian Military”.

After Tivoli opened successfully in 1843, its founder, Georg Carstensen, decided to give himself a Tivoli Youth Guard as a birthday present for Tivoli’s second season – and so it came to pass.


Bring Tivoli home with you

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