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Games in Tivoli

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The Duck Pond Fish up the ducks!  
Basket Put the ball in the basket  
Bow & Arrow Release your bow!  
The Choco Wheel A great memory from a great day in Tivoli  
The Animal Game Roaring beasts from the jungle  
Can Toss You must hit the cans  
The Shooting Gallery Hit the spot!  
Off to the Races Test your speed and precision!  
Grand Prix What's your lucky number?  
The Harlequin Game The wheel is spinning  
High Five How fast are you really?  
Handball Can you score a goal?  
Jackpot 1 The biggest gambling arcade in the country  
Jackpot 3 Cosy amusement arcade  
Junken Sink the battleships  
Climbing Bears Hit the climbing bears  
Whack-a-Mole Compete on speed  
The Cheese Bell Cross your fingers!  
Darts Hit the most balloons  
Game of Pierot The lucky wheel is turning!  
Rickshaw Are you the fastest?  
Sierra Nevada Sierra Nevada  
Pull-A-String Pull the string  
Tivoli Casino Try our online casino  
WIldfriends Målet The keyword is precision  
The Zodiac Labyrinth Fun and interactive gaming  


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The Duck Pond

Opened for the first time in 1968 as a part of an experiment with fair stands in the area


Can you dunk the ball?

Bow and Arrow

Robin Hood once split an arrow - can you do him one better?


Hit the beast and hear the roar!

Can Toss

Tip over the cans, if you can!


Seize the moment and become Tarzan or Cinderella

The Shooting Gallery

Shoot the balloons, targets, stars or flowers

Off to the Races

Test your precision skills and win it all!

Grand Prix

What's your lucky number?

The Game of Harlequin

The wheel is turning

High Five

Test your skills against your friends


Be the best you can be!

Jackpot 1

Almost 200 slot machines

Jackpot 2

Right next to the Ferris Wheel

Jackpot 3

A cozy gambling hall

The Chinese Junk

In the 18th century, the Junk dominated the China sea - can you match it's battle prowess?

Climbing Bears

Shoot the bears before they reach the top

The Pigeon Shoot

The world record for most clay pigeons shot is 10 in 2 seconds

The Lucky Cat

Where's the lucky cat?


Hit the mole

The Cheese Bell

Cross your fingers and throw the dice


Throw the darts at the balloons

The Game of Pierot

The wheel of fortune


How fast are you?


Pull the strings and see what they reveal

Tivoli Casino

Try your luck at our online casino

Wildfriend's Goal

You have to be precise!

Zodiac's Labyrinth

A fun, interactive game
The true power test!

Pentathlon in Tivoli

Fight against your friends in Pentathlon.

Choose your five favorite games.

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