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Designs, aromas and colours draw you into the heart of Tivoli

Tivoli needs space for the thousands of daily visitors attracted to the rides, restaurants, stages and gardens.

Here is a guide to the prettiest retreats Tivoli has to offer. Stroll through the Gardens' prettiest spots, and you'll be enthralled by the atmosphere. 

The Tivoli Aquarium Tivoli's Aquarium is an oasis of life  
The Hanging Gardens Big trees and large grassy area flanked with benches and flowers  
The Columbine Gardens Enjoy the beautiful landscaping while enjoying the view of the Harmony Pavilion  
The Japanese Gardens Sense the Japanese undertones  
The Merry Corner Renaissance-inspired Copenhagen houses and a Tycho Brahe theme  
The Concert Hall Gardens Shapes, aromas, and colours connects you to the heart of Tivoli  
The Nimb Water Fountains The bubbles greet you at the end of the Main Walk  
The Glass Hall Theatre Gardens Water is the principal element  
The Pergola Gardens Enjoy the peace and view of the sparkling fountain  
The Vintage Cars Gardens A bed of rhododendron bushes, azaleas and other acid-loving plants  
Chinese-inspired bamboo forest Experience the mystic Orient in the centre of Copenhagen  
The Orient A veritable desert oasis in the midst of all the greenery  
The Parterre Gardens One of Tivoli's most striking landscaped areas  
Petzi's World Petzi's World is jam packed with adventure!