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The Gardens

Discover the many possibilities in Tivoli

The wonders of Tivoli Gardens

Tivoli' s retreats

Let yourself be inspired as you walk around the Gardens. Feel the Tivoli atmosphere envelop you and enjoy the relaxing retreats. Here is a guide to help you find the most wonderful places in Tivoli

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In Petzi's World you can play, laugh, sing and eat. There's fun for children of all ages, and entrance is free for visitors to the Gardens.

Visit Petzi in his lovely house and watch as he and his friend the gardener perform little shows several times a day.

Visit Petzi's World

Tivoli Tour

Discover Tivoli

Join the Tivoli Tour and discover the many stories of Tivoli. You can join the tour online or in the Gardens. Please start the tour at the Peacock Theatre where you will find the first sign.

Discover Tivoli here

Impressive lollipops and sweets.
Well-stocked ice cream parlour
All the favourites from Ben & Jerry's wide range.
Traditional Danish sweets, made using recipes from Almuegaarden. Sweets, lollipops and much more.
Freshly picked tea that you can enjoy in the white chairs by the fountain at Springvandet.
Small cosy ice cream and sweet shop. Hot Belgian waffles with optional extras/toppings, as well as popcorn, Tivoli lollipops, ice cream, candy floss and many other delicious things.
Honey sweet gingerbread.
Ice cream, candy floss and much more. Isbjerget is an ice cream shop with great ice creams, candy floss and other sweets .
Ice cream made from Italian recipes and fresh, Danish ingredients.
A world of liquorice. Homemade Danish liquorice from Bornholm.
Fresh nuts directly from a traditional roastery
Ice cream, slush ice and much more. Yummy!Here you can get lots of delicious ice cream and slush ice in different flavors.
Welcome to Rasmus Klumps Kaffehus.
Try a delicious slush ice. An ice cold slush ice is the perfect thirst quencher after a fun ride.
Popcorn like never before! Now you can get gourmet popcorn at Tivoli Popcorn Factory. Try the tasty flavors like rasberry, caramel or cheddar.
Quality coffee, bottled beers from Danish microbreweries, light meals, snacks, home-made tarts and cakes.
At Tivolis Kaffebar to-go you can enjoy freshly ground coffee served by smiling baristas.
Homemade ice cream and waffles. The patisserie dates back to 1906 and is still run by the founding family.
Icecream in all flavors at reasonable prices.

At Tivoli Ballet School, training is intensive, both individual skills with a focus on classical dance and the art of telling a story with your body.

Tivoli Ballet School is for everyone. It is not a prerequisite for admission to the ballet school that you have been to ballet before; everyone can participate and it should be fun.

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Tivoli’s own music guard

The Tivoli Youth Guard

The 100 children who now make up the Tivoli Youth Guard are the current face of a tradition stretching back to 1844, when the world’s first youth guard was formed as a “Lilliputian Military”.

After Tivoli opened successfully in 1843, its founder, Georg Carstensen, decided to give himself a Tivoli Youth Guard as a birthday present for Tivoli’s second season – and so it came to pass.


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