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Chili & Tomato Tasting

Tasters and testers in late summer

September 03

At 11:00 - 16:00

The Gardens

In collaboration with Tivoli, Gartneri Toftegaard is inviting visitors to a Chilli & Tomato Tasting on 3 September.

As well as tasters of organic tomatoes and chilli peppers, the afternoon will feature interesting talks and the chance to buy a range of plants, posters, books etc. All with the expert advice of the friendly gardeners and volunteers from Gartneri Toftegaard.

We hope Tivoli's visitors will relish the opportunity to step up as tasters, e.g. testing themselves or competing against friends to score highest on the chilli barometer in our great chilli tasting challenge. About 40 chilli varieties and 40 kinds of tomatoes will be there for tasting!

You might also like to try brand new varieties that the gardeners will be bringing to Tivoli for this special occasion. You can even help to determine the strength of the new types of chillies.

At the Orangery stage, Lene Tvedegaard will entertain visitors with descriptions of how they are used, their strength and cultivation. We will see what chilli peppers do to the body and understand where the strength is located in the fruit and can then judge the strength before adding the fruit to dishes.

Tivoli's visitors will also hear about the tomato, the world's most widespread fruit – and with good reason. We will be exploring their use, cultivation and taste. Tomatoes can taste of grapes, apples and other flavours, as Lene Tvedegaard will explain during her talk on tomatoes.

Lene Tvedegaard has written several books on tomatoes and chillies and runs the organic plant nursery Gartneri Toftegaard.

The Chili & Tomato Tasting will be held in the area around the Orangery in Tivoli.

Come and be inspired!

Read more about Gartneri Toftegaad here: her


11.00-16.00 Taste the many varieties of chillies and tomatoes

The times of the talks will follow


September 03
Included in the admission fee to Tivoli