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Tivoli's popular bar Biergarten has been extensively renovated into an Austrian inspired Bierstube with the two different themed rooms.

In the chalet, which is the largest room and holds up to 100 guests, we guarantee genuine après ski atmosphere. The staff wears Heidi dresses or Lederhosen and every pint is well-poured, the atmosphere is right, and the music is rolling along to - a singalong at the long tables.

In the hunting cabin next door we present more exclusive surroundings. Up to 50 guests can recline in the soft leather chairs in front of the fireplace and enjoy the more relaxed sporting/hunting mood. The hunting cabin is also ideal for special events for smaller companies.

We accept reservations for 10 persons and more. Smaller parties cannot make a reservation. Please note that all parties must preorder the menu. No table reservation for drinks only.



Price level under 100 DKK
Category Bar
Kitchen International
Phone +45 33 75 09 51
  • Handicap friendly access
  • Childrens menu
  • Private bookings outside season
  • Open outside season


With a Tivoli package, you'll have the complete Tivoli experience at hand.

All Inclusive:

Pork schnitzel served with potatoes, fine peas and our homemade sauce.

Children's menu: Grilled sausage, bread, rustic fries, onion ketchup and tartar sauce.


Show & Menu

Swirling dancers and captivating music that draws you into an enchanting universe. Culinary experiences that complete the experience. Saturate your senses with Show & Menu.

First course: Selection of sausages, cheeses, pickles, pretzel and lagenbrot.

Main course: Schnitzel served with potatoes, onions and bacon, peas and homemade sauce.

Dessert: Sacher tart with whipped cream

Price: 285 DKK

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Sunday Dinner

Fixed price menu on Sundays during the summer season.

Bratwurst with sauerkraut, hot mustard, ketchup, roll, roast potatoes, and half a liter of Edelweiss beer.

Children: A quarter chicken served with crispy fries, cucumber salad, sauce remoulade, and a large soda.

Join us for beer, bratwurst and horn music 13 October

October Fest at Biergarten

Enjoy our delicious Alpine Spread for only 295 DKK. Includes coldcuts, cheese, pretzel, bratwurst, sauerkraut, laugenbrot and more, 1 litre of beer, DJ-music, and 100 % authentic Tyrolean atmosphere. Are you really thirsty? The you can get free bar for 5 hours for + 295 DKK.

Entrance ticket to Tivoli must be purchased separately.

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