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Enjoy freshly peeled shrimps, quality Danish lunch menus and much more.

Grøften is one of Tivoli's oldest and most traditional restaurants, with a history that goes back to 1874, when the restaurant was called the Theatre Café. A visit to Restaurant Grøften is associated with great service and fine traditions, which we will do our best to honor. 

With red-checked tablecloths and fairy lights, the restaurant has a nostalgic holiday home atmosphere and also holds many special memories of childhood visits to Tivoli.

Grøften serves sandwiches and hot food for lunch and dinner seven days a week. It's a good idea to book a table either by phone or e-mail.

Special conditions: We offer gluten free bread.

Special conditionss: We offer sugar free dessert.


Price level 100-175 DKK
Category Restaurant
Kitchen Danish
Phone +45 33 75 06 75
  • Childrens menu
  • Handicap friendly access
  • Vegetarian
  • Gluten free
  • Diabetic

Friday Rock Menu

To enjoy a concert on a summer evening in Tivoli is a beautiful experience in itself - but why not put "the cherry on top"?

First course: Marinated seafood salad with chervil, green asparagus and dill. Served with bread and butter.

Main course: Roast veal with pommes Macaire and pepper sauce

Dessert: Lemon mousse or Irish coffee

Price: 395 DKK



Show & Menu

Swirling dancers and captivating music that draws you into an enchanting universe. Culinary experiences that complete the experience. Saturate your senses with Show & Menu.

First course: Smoked salmon with wasabi cream, crayfish tails, salads and sun-dried tomatoes

Main course: Filet of veal served with greens and creamy pepper sauce.

Price: 325 DKK

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Sunday Dinner

Fixed price menu on Sundays during the summer season.

Our famous home made stew  - all you can eat!

Children: Choose between curried meatballs, pasta bolognese and fried chicken with French fries, incl. a small soda.