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ILOVIT FOOD is an alternative and much healthier take on fast food. Here you will find a nutritious menu.

I LOV IT FOOD offers vegetarian fast food, a freshly prepared salad buffet with many delicious salads and good shawarma. A delicious dining experience with exciting food and great service at reasonable prices.

I LOV IT FOOD is also the only restaurant in Tivoli serving freshly grilled shawarma or kebabs on its own grill machine, made in the highest quality.

I LOV IT FOOD offers halal meat.


Price level under 100 DKK
Category Fastfood
Kitchen International
Phone +45 27 85 65 95
  • Vegetarian
  • Childrens menu
  • Halal


With a Tivoli package, you'll have the complete Tivoli experience at hand.

All Inclusive:

Choose a Kebab menu, chicken menu, falafel menu, crispy chicken menu, twister chicken menu, bagels menu or salad menu. All served with a soda. Offer is valid for two people.

Children's menu: Kebab or nuggets box with a sausage roll or a bagel with a sausage roll incl. soda or fruit juice.

Dessert*: Donut.

* Please note: The dessert is only included in the children's menu.


Choose between kebab, falafel, chicken sandwich, bagel, salad, nuggets box, falafel box, kebab box, chicken box, twister chicken box or crispy chicken box . All menus served with a soda.


Friday Rock Menu

To enjoy a concert on a summer evening in Tivoli is a beautiful experience in itself - but why not put "the cherry on top"?

Choose between: A kebab/shawarma, falafel, chicken sandwich or a salad.

Price: 25 DKK

Sunday Dinner

Fixed price menu on Sundays during the summer season.

Choose between: two Kebab / shawarma menu, two chicken menu, two  falafel menu, two crispy chicken menu, two twister chicken menu, two bagel menu or two salad menu. All served with a soda.

Children: Choose between nugget box / kebab box / bagel sandwich, all with a sausage roll. Served with a soda / juice. Dessert: Donut.