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A workplace with more than 1500 colleagues

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Tivoli is a workplace with more than 1,800 colleagues spread across many fields of labour and business areas. Our employees are as diverse as the guests that visit us. We strive to hire the best candidates for our vacancies, regardless of age, ethnicity and gender.

Common to all our staff is dedication, pride and a strong work ethic and we all work with the same objective in mind: to amaze our guests!

Tivoli as workplace

Tivoli is not only an amusement park; it is also a tourist attraction, a cultural institution, and a modern, commercial business focusing on development and growth as well as visitor and employee satisfaction.

 We operate restaurants, host concerts, develop gardens, construct new buildings and repair and maintain properties. We sell, market and develop events and services within Tivoli. We sing, act, dance, choreograph and much, much more.

For this reason, we have skilled employees across a huge range of professions. For example, we employ technical project managers, marketing and finance specialists, nurses, set designers, IT staff, ballet dancers, chefs and waiters, actors, engineers and administrative directors. 

About 600 employees work at Tivoli throughout the year, plus a further 1,200 employees who provide services for our visitors when the Tivoli Gardens are open. 

Our service employees provide fantastic service in order to give visitors an impressive, exceptional experience. For this reason, we live up to our service strategy both internally and externally. 

The list of qualities a Tivoli employee needs to have includes: smiling, helpful and outgoing, communicative, dedicated, creative, flexible, responsible and energetic.  
We value diversity and are proud that our staff encompasses a broad spread of ages, almost equal distribution between genders and diverse ethnic backgrounds.

Our service profile

At Tivoli, we are approx. 1200 service employees whose primary task is to serve the needs of all our visitors, so they leave with a memorable and safe experience of the amusements and the Gardens. 

Read more about our service profile and it's implementation.

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Employee satisfaction

At Tivoli we know that happy employees are crucial to success – so we listen to our employees.  We work together across boundaries and support one another. We know that dedication is created via satisfied employees, and that dedicated employees create growth, so we work on satisfaction continuously throughout the year. 

We work constantly to make Tivoli an even better place to work. Part of our work is linked to our employee satisfaction survey, which we work on and follow up throughout the year. It is crucial to us that our employees are happy in the workplace, and we work continuously to improve the working environment and develop skills. 

We have an induction course for new employees, the “Tivoli School”, which all new employees attend. This introduces Tivoli as an organisation and as a workplace, and equips new employees with knowledge and tools to give them a good start with their work. We also offer skills development for managers in the form of management academies.

Tivoli values diversity, and its workforce encompasses a broad spread of ages, almost equal distribution between genders and diverse ethnic backgrounds. Over 600 people are employed for the full year. During Tivoli's open seasons, up to 1,200 additional employees are also taken on or re-employed. We view our diversity and our diverse knowledge as a strength.


Chief consultant, JD - HR Birgitte Wad
Head of HR Dorthe Dinesen
HR-partner Julie Nordstrand
HR-partner Maria Dahl Petersen
HR-consultant Rie Tornbak
Responsible for intern- and apprenticeships Lotte Fuglbjerg