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Traditions and renewal

Tivoli opened for the first time on 15 August 1843 and has been developing and changing with every season ever since - always with the aim of giving the Gardens' guests the most breath-taking experience possible.

It is only natural then for Tivoli to have projects under development.
Facing the city

The Tivoli Corner

The Tivoli Corner is a development project for Tivoli’s North west corner, from Vesterbrogade along Bernstorffsgade to the Nimb building. The intention with the new building is to create a new and dynamic transition from city to the gardens.

the tivoli corner

Creative centre for talent development

The Tivoli Centre

New development in Tietgensgade for the Tivoli Youth Guard and the Tivoli Ballet School to establish a creative environment for talent development.

the tivoli centre