Pepsi Free Refill

Make sure you fill up! With a Pepsi Free Refill ticket you can fill your cup with the fizzy drink of your choice all day long.

How does it work?

Your Pepsi Refill ticket can be used at Tivoligrillen, Hot Dog corner, Burgerhouse or Fish & Chips. Collect your cup of full of the fizzy drink of your choice and an armband at one of the shops with a Pepsi Free Refill sign. You can then fill up the cup free of charge all day long.

You can fill up your drink every 15 minutes at one of the Gardens' refilling stations (Asian Station, Dæmonen (the Demon) and Tivoli Grillen): simply scan your armband at the "Scan here" sign.

Note: The Pepsi Free Refill armband is only valid for one person and can only be used on the day you use your refill ticket in the Gardens. If you have any questions, you are welcome to ask at the shops selling Free Refills (remember to bring your self-print ticket).


  • Pepsi Free Refill
    65 DKK