Science Days 7. – 10. grade, 2016

Tivoli invites school and upper secondary school classes for another season, where pupils can measure, calculate and learn through play. Use your senses to guide yourselves around the Gardens.

Science Days can whet the appetite for natural sciencess with the help of the senses, measuring and calculations in Denmark's largest classroom. This year once again we are offering natural scientific foundation courses for 7. - 10. graders, and thus Science Days at Tivoli meet the desire of many teachers to use the trip for a motivated start on a scientific journey. All the tasks comply with shared objectives for state schools.

Science Days for 7. - 10. grade: 8. August - 23. September 2016

Price: DKK 60 per person

NB! The ticket is scanned at the entrance to Tivoli's cardholders entrance. The ticket cannot be refunded or exchanged. If the ticket is printed more than once, it will only work the first time it is scanned.

Lunch for the students

Keep up the energy and add a lunch for the students during their visit in Tivoli.

Lunch selections can be added to the basket after adding the science days.

1 meatball sandwich with home-fried meatballs, raw pickled red cabbage and organic bun.
1 Tivoli water
65 DKK per person

Petzi's Pancake House
1 savoury pancake of your choice, for example vegetarian, beef or chicken
65 DKK per person

Hotdog Corner
1 large organic hotdog
1 Tivoli water
50 DKK per person

You will receive 1 ticket per person to be used in the food shop during the day. The ticket must be printed and scanned by the food shop.
If it is printed more than once, it will only work the first time it is scanned.
The ticket cannot be refunded or exchanged.

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