Answers to all your Annual Card questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find answers to the most asked questions about annual cards.

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  1. What is a Tivoli Pass?

    A Tivoli Pass gives the holder free access to Tivoli in all Tivoli's seasons; including Winter, Summer, Halloween and Christmas.

    It is possible to purchase the Tivoli Pass either as a subscription with either annual or monthly payment, or as a gift.

    A Tivoli Pass is valid from the month of purchase and 11 months ahead. Thereafter the Pass is automatically renewed, unless given as a gift. It is also possible to choose a start date one or two months in advance.

  2. What is the differnece between a Tivoli Pass, Tivoli Pass Silver, Tivoli Pass Gold or a Tivoli Pass Wild?

    A Tivoli Pass gives access to the gardens for the pass holder only. The pass is strictly personal and may not be used for access to others.

    A Tivoli Pass Silver allows the pass holder to bring one companion free of charge for one free day. This applies only at the entrance with the pass holder and under condition that the companion is either a business associate, family member, colleague or friend.

    A Tivoli Pass Gold allows the pass holder to bring up to four companions free of charge for one free day. This applies only when the entrance is made simultaneously with the pass holder, and under condition that the companions are either business associates, family members, colleagues or friends of the pass holder.

    A Tivoli Pass Wild gives access and a free Multi-ride ticket to the pass holder when visiting Tivoli (maximum one visit per day, however). The Multi-ride ticket is personal and cannot be resold.

  3. Where can i buy a Tivoli Pass?

    It is possible to buy a Tivoli Pass online via tivoli.dk, or in person at the Tivoli Service Center or at our entrances.

  4. Is it only possible to have a digital Tivoli Pass?

    The Tivoli Pass is by default purchased as a digital product, but it is also possible to purchase a physical Tivoli Pass in return for a minor fee. There is no charge when issuing a physical Tivoli Pass Gold.

  5. Is it possible to switch from monthly to annual payment or the other way around?

    No. It is not possible to switch payment on your Tivoli Pass from monthly to annual or annual to monthly.

  6. How do I complete my Tivoli Pass?

    Your Tivoli Pass is completed by creating a profile at My Tivoli. Please create a password and attach a picture of yourself. You can also complete your Tivoli Card by personally contacting the Tivoli Box Office.

  7. How do I add a picture?

    You can upload a photo to your Tivoli Pass when finishing the registration process via tivoli.dk. You can also complete your card either at Tivoli Box Office or Tivoli Service Center, where the staff are equipped to take and upload pictures.

    We use your photo to prevent misuse of your card and increase your assurance that your Tivoli Pass can not be misused by others in case of theft or loss.

  8. Can i obtain any discounts or benefits with my Tivoli Pass?

    There are plenty of benefits and discounts available to a holder of a Tivoli Pass. All it requires is that you to buy a Tivoli Pass on subscription, create a My Tivoli Profile and accept our newsletters. With a subscription to a Tivoli Pass, you will get access to our Tivoli Lux benefits program, which offers a new benefits and discounts every month via the monthly newsletter and year-round personal benefits offers, tailor made just for you!

  9. What is Tivoli Lux?

    Tivoli Lux is our brand new benefit program for subscribers of the Tivoli Pass that have agreed to receive our monthly newsletter. Tivoli Lux offers both monthly benefits and personal, custom made benefits all year round. The more you visit us, the more Tivoli Lux you get.

  10. Can I regret purchasing a Tivoli Pass?

    You have a 14-day right of cancellation for a Tivoli Pass purchased by subscription, but the cancellation right will lapse if the Tivoli Pass is taken into use. There is also a 14-day right of cancellation on purchases made through our webshop, cf. the current legislation on the subject. 

  11. How do I cancel my subscription?

    A Tivoli Pass purchased by subscription can be terminated with 1 month's notice until the end of a month, 5 months after the subscription agreement has been concluded. When the subscription is canceled, the Tivoli Pass will not be automatically renewed.

    The subscription can only be terminated in writing, either via My Tivoli or by mail to the Tivoli Call Center at tivolikort@tivoli.dk

  12. If I cancel the subscription for my Tivoli Pass during the payment period, can I have the difference refunded?

    Yes. If a Tivoli Pass purchased as a subscription with annual payment is terminated before the validity period expires, the amount due after the time of termination is refunded. Tivoli Passes purchased as subscriptions may be terminated with one month's notice to the end of a month when five months have elapsed since the subscription agreement was entered into.

    If you cancel a subscription with annual payment before the year has elapsed, the payment is calculated as if you had paid monthly in the period before termination. The amount you are refunded is thus the price of the Tivoli Pass with annual payment, minus the months for which your Tivoli Pass was valid before termination, calculated as monthly payment.

    If you cancel a Tivoli Pass with annual payment after eight months, the payment for the eight months will be 8 x 40 DKK (which is the monthly payment) = 320 DKK. Your refund will then be 350 minus 320 = 30 DKK.

  13. Is it possible to change a Tivoli Card to a subscription?

    Yes. It is both possible to give a Tivoli Card as a subscription or change a Tivoli Card you've received into a subscription

  14. I have lost my Tivoli Pass - What should I do?

    If you have lost your Tivoli Pass, please contact Tivoli's Call Center by tel. 33 15 10 01 or by writing to tivolikort@tivoli.dk, after which the Tivoli Pass is blocked. Lost or damaged passes may be replaced in return for a small fee.

  15. I have changed my address or e-mail. How do I update my info?

    Update your info by logging into My Tivoli at tivoli.dk or via the Tivoli app.

  16. Is it necessary to renew my Tivoli Pass?

    You don't need to do anything to renew your Tivoli Pass as long as your payment information is updated - if so the renewal and payment will be processed completely automatically. If you have received a Tivoli Pass as a gift, you must convert it to a running subscription in order for it to be automatically renewed.

  17. How shall I proceed if I only want my Tvoli Pass valid for one year?

    A Tivoli Pass purchased as a subscription can be terminated with one month's notice until the end of a month, 5 months after the subscription agreement has been concluded. When the subscription is canceled, the Tivoli Pass will not automatically be renewed.

    If the Tivoli Pass is given as a gift, it basically expires after one year, unless either bought with subscription or if the pass holder himself has renewed or changed the subscription agreement.

  18. How do I get my Tivoli Pass on my mobile?

    You can get your Tivoli Pass on your mobile by downloading the Tivoli App from either Google Play or the App Store. Follow the instructions in the app.

  19. Is it possible to upgrade my Tivoli Pass?

    You can easily upgrade your Tivoli Pass, but downgrading or merging your memberships is not possible. Upgrading your Tivoli Pass is possible by personal attendance at the Tivoli Box Office or the Tivoli Servicecenter.

  20. Is my Tivoli Pass personal?

    Yes. All types of Tivoli Passes are strictly personal.

  21. Is it possible for me and my companions to leave the gardens and return later the same day?

    As a Pass holder it is possible to enter and leave the gardens at will. All companions must receive a re-entry stamp to re-enter the Gardens. The stamp is available from our staff at the entrance to the Tivoli Food Hall.