Lots of wonderful experiences

A gift that brings wonderful adventures and joyful smiles

A gift card to Tivoli can be exchanged for lots of wonderful experiences in the Gardens, perhaps for an annual card, a dinner at one of the many restaurants and places to eat, or tickets to a performance at one of the Tivoli theatres. You can also use your gift card in the Tivoli Box Office and at the entrances. It is also possible to buy some Tivoli-magic from the Little Tivoli Shop.

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NIMB - a temple of good taste

Pamper those you hold near and dear with a gift card to NIMB

In Tivoli's Moorish food palace the Nimb family's name and spirit lives on: Exquisite gourmet experiences combined with everyday luxury, bar and brunch, hotel and terrace. Above all though, great taste rules.

Choose between a luxuroius brunch, the popular pastry days or dinner at one of the restaurants

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