Tivoli Gift Card, DKK 500

A gift for amazing adventures and joyful smiles

A gift card to Tivoli can be exchanged for lots of wonderful experiences in the Gardens, perhaps for a Tivoli Pass, a dinner at one of the many restaurants or eateries, or tickets to a performance at one of the Tivoli theatres. You can also use your gift card in the Tivoli Box Office and at the entrances.
It is also possible to buy some Tivoli-magic from the Little Tivoli Shop.

You can choose a gift box for the gift card in connection with the purchase.

Note DKK 35 in postage and administration fee.

Gift cards purchased online will be dispatched within 7 -10 working days

  • The gift card is valid for 3 years from the date of purchase
  • It is possible to return a gift card in the valid period for a fee of DKK 50
  • In case of repayment during the period from the expiry of the gift card and up to a year later, the fee will lapse
  • After four years from the date of purchase, the possibility of repayment lapses

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  • Tivoli Gift Card 500 DKK.
    500 DKK