Unlimited ride ticket Co-rider, Winter in Tivoli 2019

Children aged 1-7 can take an adult over 14 years of age with them on the rides.

The ticket entitles you to an Unlimited ride Co-rider wristband during Winter in Tivoli in 2019. Entrance to Tivoli is not included.

Worth knowing

With a Co-rider ticket, children (1-7 years of age) gets two wristbands on the arm and can take any person over 14 years of age with them on the rides. The child and Co-rider must be seated together on the rides.
The Co-rider ticket is only valid for children 1-7 years of age.

Your two tickets is exchanged for two Unlimited ride wristbands in the self-service kiosks in the Garden. Both wristbands must be worn by the child.

Winter in Tivoli is Tivoli's newest season. Our skilled designers have devised a winter theme that covers half of Tivoli, and is completely in line with Tivoli's current design themes covering summer, halloween and Christmas. The Unlimited ride ticket is valid for all rides during Winter in Tivoli, among other the Roller Coaster, the Fun House and carousels.

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Your Unlimited ride ticket is exchanged for an Unlimited ride wristband in the self-service kiosks in the Gardens. 

Children aged 0-1 year can go on rides without an Unlimited ride ticket.

Please note that you must print the tickets or they can be scanned directly from the mobile phone. 

NB! The ticket cannot be refunded or exchanged. If the ticket is printed more than once, it will only work the first time it is scanned.


  • Unlimited ride ticket co-rider
    390 DKK