How we process personal information


If you use Tivoli's online shop, we ask you for your e-mail address so that we can send you a receipt for your purchase.

Tivoli reserves the right to contact Tivoli Pass customers by e-mail on one occasion with respect to receiving Tivoli newsletters. The newsletter is a free news service which is sent out approx. every 14 days with news and offers from Tivoli. It is possible to unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time. This is done by using the link in the e-mail.

Tivoli does not forward information about our customers to third parties.

This is how Tivoli processes personal information

A. We process personal information about our members and guests as a natural part of Tivoli's activities and marketing by Tivoli. It is Tivoli's policy to be open about about how we process such information.

B. Tivoli collects, stores and processes information regarding names, addresses, photos, e-mail addresses, telephone numbers and dates of birth of holders of Tivoli's Tivoli Pass together with information regarding these holders' preferred use of the Gardens and their activities, and use of payment function.

C. Tivoli also registers information regarding holders' visits to the Gardens during the current season for the purpose of classification into categories and to guard against any misuse of the Tivoli Passes.

D. The information is used by Tivoli to give holders of the Tivoli Pass the best possible information regarding activities and offers in the Gardens and to customise the Gardens and its offers to the holders and their other guests.

E. In connection with setting up use of a Tivoli Pass, Tivoli takes a portrait photo of the cardholder. The photo, which will be used by Tivoli for the sole purpose of access control, will be kept in a database. When visiting the Gardens, the photo can be shown on a screen which is only visible to the attendant at the entrance. Cardholders who do not wish to have a photo registered must always show picture identification when entering Tivoli and it can be noted in their personal data that they wish to use picture identification.

F. Tivoli attaches importance to the fact that all personal information is kept confidential, and that the information can only be processed by employees who have received training in how the personal information is to be processed to avoid the information being deleted or it getting into the wrong hands.

G. As a holder of a Tivoli Pass, you will receive a range of worthwhile offers and benefits from Tivoli's collaboration partners via Tivoli. Tivoli collaborates primarily with businesses within the fields of amusements, the restaurant industry, toys, financing and the entertainment industry. Holders can at any time view a list of Tivoli's collaboration partners at It will always be Tivoli which sends out the offers on behalf of our collaboration partners. If the holder does not wish to receive information regarding offers and benefits sent out by Tivoli on behalf of collaboration partners, the holder can unsubscribe by contacting Tivoli A/S, Vesterbrogade 3, 1630 Copenhagen V by letter or by e-mail to

H. Tivoli reserves the right to carry out mail merging for the data on people who live at the same address. This avoids a family where everyone has a Tivoli Pass receiving, for example, four letters, one to the mother, one to the father and one to each of the children, and instead they will receive one letter which contains all the information.

I. Tivoli guarantees that it updates the stored information as necessary, so that the personal information is not kept for longer than necessary. A membership terminates, when the Tivoli Pass expires. All the relevant information for the member in question will subsequently be suspended. The member's personal information will be deleted 24 months after membership has expired. The personal data will not be deleted, if the Tivoli pass is renewed or a new Tivoli Pass is purchased.

J. Holders of a Tivoli Pass are entitled to see what information Tivoli processes about them and for which purpose the information is processed. Cardholders are also entitled to object to the information being processed and have the right to request rectification, deletion or blocking of information which is incorrect, misleading or in a similar way is being processed in contravention of the law. Members who want to make use of these rights can contact Tivoli A/S, Vesterbrogade 3, 1630 Copenhagen V.