All Inclusive, adult 8+ years

The All Inclusive package offers you a visit to Tivoli in one complete package. Once the package has been paid for, you are ready for a tour of Tivoli.

Adult package (8 years of age +):

  • Entrance to Tivoli
  • Unlimited Ride ticket Plus (includes unlimited Ride-photos on your mobile from The Roller Coaster, The Mine, The Flying Trunk, The Vintage Cars and The Demon. Free entrance to Tivoli Aquarium)
  • Ride photo or small balloon
  • Meal (Fixed menu incl. 1 glass of fizzy drink/beer/wine)

Price: 550 DKK (Value: 635 DKK)

Worth knowing

The All Inclusive package is valid for a date of your choice in 2019.
Please note: The package is not valid 31 December 2019.

Please note that the Demon requires you to be min. 132 cm. tall.

Tivoli's Aquarium can be closed on select days.

Please note that digital Ride-photos requires a My Tivoli profile and that Tivoli's app is installed on your mobile phone. Read more.

Many of Tivoli's restaurants and eateries have put together a delicious adult's and children's menu which is included in the All Inclusive package. There is something for every taste, for both big and small!


See restaurants and eateries with All Inclusive menu here


Where can I buy my All Inclusive package?

All Inclusive packages can be bought from Tivoli's online shop.

How do I use my All Inclusive package?

When you have bought the All Inclusive package at Tivoli's online shop, you must print out your self-print ticket and bring it with you when you visit Tivoli. Go to the ticket office windows at the main entrance to Tivoli on Vesterbrogade or to the Tivoli entrance on Banegård opposite Copenhagen's central station. Here you will be issued with an Unlimited ride wristband and coupons for ride photo and meal. Please note that annual cardholders’ entrances cannot be used with Tivoli All Inclusive. Please ask the attendants if you are in any doubt. You must redeem the coupons in one of the restaurants, Tivoli's Aquarium and the rides where you can have your photo taken (see below). Please be aware that you can exchange your ride photo coupon for a small balloon at the balloon stand if you would rather do this.

At which rides can I have a ride photo taken?

The ride photo coupon can be used at the Demon, the Mine, the Flying Trunk,  the Vintage Cars and the Roller Coaster.

Please note that we are not responsible if the eateries are fully occupied. The ticket is scanned at Tivoli's entrances. The ticket cannot be refunded or exchanged. If the ticket is printed more than once, it will only work the first time it is scanned.


  • All Inclusive, 8 years+
    635 DKK 550 DKK