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Taste our popular tapas
The smell of roasted almonds…
Felt shoes from Clemente are manufactured from wool and are made and sewn by hand.
Drop in and meet the happy whale, Walter
Halloween decorations - both inside and outside!
Denmark's leading supplier of baking ingredients
Salty popcorn and souvenirs from the show.
Delicious and classic fastfood
Great design and high quality
Let yourself be tempted
All the best halloween trinkets
We know what you like.
The ultimate feeling of luxury cashmere
Swing by if you're feeling hungry...
Noodles and other delicacies
Beautiful shawls, hats and scarves in many colors.
Decorated and tastefully arranged in beautiful premises.
Juicy, grilled meat…
Beautiful colors and designs
Delicious Danish specialties.
Not two pairs are the same
Halloween fun and games
Taste the small piece of happiness
See how a home made cream puff is made.
All the best hallowwen can offer..
Modern contemporary design.
A creative alternative
Ice cream in a whole new way