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Closing hours rides

Please note: Closing hours for the rides may vary.

Filtrér Alle
Price - tickets at 30 DKK each
Height - cm
Aquila Thrills and laughs!  
The Astronomer Travel into space  
The Ferris wheel A beautiful view of Copenhagen  
The Flying Trunk 32 fairytale scenarios  
The Golden Tower Not for the fainthearted!  
The Little Dragon Have some fun in the dragon  
The Dragon Boats Ship Ohoi!  
The Classic Carousel High on nostalgia  
The Demon Do you dare try The Demon?  
Fatamorgana 3-in-1 ride  
The Lighthouse A Rasmus Klump ride  
The Galley Ships Watch out for the cannonball  
The Star Flyer What a thrill!  
The Camel Trail High speed fun for the kids  
The Trolley Car Running since 1969  
The Mine Beware of the dragon!  
MiniMorgana Mini bumper cars!  
The Monsoon Feel the sensation  
The Music Carousel Old school  
The Panda Tivoli from above  
The Bumper Cars Race your best friends!  
The Roller Coaster Our most popular ride  
The Fun House A Fun House for everyone  
The Star Tower We will take you on a fantasy journey to space  
The Temple Tower Hoist yourself up!  
Tik Tak A guaranteed dosis of vertigo  
Vertigo Buckle up and get ready to ride!  
The Vintage Cars A Tivoli classic  


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Experience the world upside down!


Experience the world upside down!

The Ferris Wheel

Was erected to its standing height of 18.7 meters in 1943

The Demon

The Demon exposes you to up to 4G which is more than a space shuttle during launch!

The Flying Trunk

A journey in a trunk through Hans Christian Andersen's famous fairy tales

The Chinese Lantern

Let yourself fall down. Again and again.

The Little Dragon

Fly high in the sky

The Golden Tower

Altitude, speed and excitement for the whole family

The Dragon Boats

Enjoy a delightful boating trip on the Tivoli Lake

The Classic Carousel

A nostalgic ride for everyone

The Light Tower

Fun for the youngest

The Galley Ships

Watch out for the cannonball

The Star Flyer

An impressive 360-degree panorama view

The Caravan

Guaranteed to make you smile!

The Trolley Car

Take a nice ride around Tivoli

The Mine

Beware of the dragon!

The Monsoon

Excitement and lots of water

The Odin Express

A wild and twisting train ride

The Panda

The Golden Tower for the youngest. Such fun as you are dropped down again.

The Bumper Cars

Speed, fun and a lot of chasing

The Roller Coaster

Built in 1914 it is one of the oldest wooden roller coasters in the world.

The Fun House

Fun and challenges

The Star Tower

You can almost reach the stars

The Temple Tower

Let the kids use their muscles


The most g-force of any ride in the Gardens - up to 5.2Gs

The Vintage Cars

Horse power for the youngest
The true power test!

Pentathlon in Tivoli

Fight against your friends in Pentathlon.

Choose your five favorite games.

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