The Odin Express

If you are tired of the Copenhagen S-trains, then try a ride in the Odin Express. In this train you ride as high as the second floor, at express speed.

Compared with some of the other rides in Tivoli, the Odin Express may look like innocent fun, but don't be fooled. The steel construction of the Odin Express means the other rides cannot compete with the way it can twist and turn. And remember, for the greatest thrill of all, to sit in the car right at the back.

The Odin Express has closed down from 1 January. Look forward to the brand new Milky Way that will open in Christmas in Tvoli 2019.


Children aged under 2 years are only admitted with a paying companion (minimum 14 years).

AGE Minimum 2 years
HEIGHT Minimum 130 cm.
PRICE 3 tickets of DDK 30
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