The Bumper Cars

In the Bumper Cars you can charge about having lots of fun.

The Bumper Cars have been given a new theme design, the antennas have been scrapped and the 18 new cars move around on 280 m2 of space. The new cars are a hybrid between cars and wild buffalo, to ensure you get speed, pace and fun united in one and the same experience.

The scenography is inspired by the American art-deco style of the 1920s, and by one of the most famous cowboys from the Wild West, Buffalo Bill.

Health restrictions:
Please be aware that there might be health restrictions on this ride. Find more information at each ride.


Children over 110 cm must be accompanied by a paying adult. Min. 130 cm when on solitary ride.

HEIGHT Minimum 130 cm.
PRICE 3 tickets of DKK 30
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