Tik Tak

PLEASE NOTE: According to the authorities' guidelines, face masks must be worn in Tik Tak. Masks will be provided free of charge at the entrance to the ride.

Embark on a journey through time and space and enter our anniversary ride Tik Tak, surrounded by gears. levers and ingenious mechanics.

It is a time trip where you are suspended or if you like, thrown through time. With a guaranteed dosis of vertigo when the big clockwork, compass and hourglass are set in motion.

Tik Tak is temporarily closed. More info 

Health restrictions:
Please be aware that there might be health restrictions on this ride. Find more information at each ride.

The Danish authorities have approved that Tik Tak can run with increased capacity when adhering to certain health guidelines. Therefore we provide our guests with free disposable face masks for each tour in the ride.


HEIGHT Minimum 140 cm.
PRICE 3 tickets of DKK 30
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