Please note: Vertigo is permanently closed as of 5 July.

Goodbye to Vertigo

After providing our guests with many unforgettable momnets, it is time for Vertigo for to bid farewell.

Fun facts:

Vertigo flew with the first guests in 2009.

Vertigo twice won first prize as Europe's top attraction in 2014 and 2016.

Vertigo was the only ride in the entire world that could operate in all three directions due to Tivoli reconfiguring the slip ring system.

Vertigo could run in 360 degree rotation, clockwise and counterclockwise.

In turbo mode, Vertigo flew at a speed of up to 14.9 rpm. minute, which amounts to a speed of 103.9 km per hour!

A Tivoli mechanic has done continuous 14 rides before he started to feel sick. That's a record!

Vertigo has had a 5G impact - that's 5 times the acceleration of gravity, which feels as if the body weighs five times as much as it normally does.


HEIGHT Minimum 140 cm.
PRICE 3 tickets of DKK 30
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