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Discover the many possibilities in Tivoli

One of Copenhagen's oldest steakhouses.
Traditional Bierstube with a good selection of the best German beers.
Classic roast pork/steak sandwich with just the garnishes you want.
A selection of the best of Danish cuisine, interpreted by the two food-loving brothers, Adam and James.
Microbrewery in the heart of Copenhagen with a splendid, varied menu.
Low-fat burgers with the best low-fat products without compromising on taste.
Delicious pastry, bubbly champagne and quality coffee.
Tempting gastronomic offerings.
Delicacies such as churros (Spanish doughnuts), freshly made sandwiches, speciality coffees and more.
Tempting gastronomic offerings.
Only the best coffee is good enough for our guests.
This traditional Danish restaurant, a replica of a fisherman's house in southern Jutland, has an idyllic location in the sun by the lake in Tivoli.
Freshly caught fish and organic chips.
Enjoy a delicious grilled gourmet toast!
Cosy fast food bar.
At Fru Nimb we serve freshly made, high quality Danish lunch.
Seasonal cuisine fresh from the field and fresh from nature.
Tempting gastronomic offerings.
Tempting gastronomic offerings.
Enjoy quality Danish lunch menus and much more.
Tempting gastronomic offerings.
Organic French hot dogs with sausages and bread from Bager Sophus.
Small and cosy fast food bar where you can enjoy a quick meal.
Delicious Italian fast food to go
The super popular juice and coffee concept in Tivoli.
A small menu with delicious food.
Tempting gastronomic offerings.
Tempting gastronomic offerings.
Enjoy home-made pizza from the stone oven and delicious Italian dishes.
Tempting gastronomic offerings.
LETZ SUSHIS new restaurant
Tempting gastronomic offerings.
A contemporary urban take on Italian family food.
Classic drinks and cocktails, luxury brunch and hot drinks in sumptuous surroundings.
Experience an exotic touch to our barbecued dishes.
European brasserie classics with a modern, playful twist.
Nimb Vinotek – for wine lovers.
Delicious, home made kebabs.
Popular restaurant with classic Danish dishes.
Outdoor seating in pleasant surroundings.
American “comfort-food”.
BBQ ribs with creamy coleslaw and baked potato.
Rasmus Klump's very own favourite pancakes.
Traditional Danish sandwiches in unconventional surroundings.
Tempting gastronomic offerings.
Tempting gastronomic offerings.
Tempting gastronomic offerings.
The best comfort food.
We guarantee freshness and sublime flavors
Sandwiches, schnitzels and children's menus at reasonable prices.
Delicious and healthy Asian cuisine.
Tempting gastronomic offerings.
Burger restaurant combined with a café, lounge and cocktail bar.
Tempting gastronomic offerings.

At Tivoli Ballet School, training is intensive, both individual skills with a focus on classical dance and the art of telling a story with your body.

Tivoli Ballet School is for everyone. It is not a prerequisite for admission to the ballet school that you have been to ballet before; everyone can participate and it should be fun.

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Tivoli’s own music guard

The Tivoli Youth Guard

The 100 children who now make up the Tivoli Youth Guard are the current face of a tradition stretching back to 1844, when the world’s first youth guard was formed as a “Lilliputian Military”.

After Tivoli opened successfully in 1843, its founder, Georg Carstensen, decided to give himself a Tivoli Youth Guard as a birthday present for Tivoli’s second season – and so it came to pass.


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