A new season at Tivoli

Preparing Halloween

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Halloween in the Gardens

Step into autumn

Enjoy Denmark's most breathtaking autumn garden filled with thousands of lights, pumpkins, spider webs and autumn colours, creating a delightfully spooky setting for a wealth of autumn experiences for all ages.

Observe the terrifyingly good atmosphere, be entranced by the gorgeous decorations in every stall, or be enchanted by the lights that shine as darkness closes in. There's plenty to see as Halloween in Tivoli once again takes over the Gardens.



Tivoli transformed

Meet our Head Gardener

Our Head Gardener, Tom Knudsen, is a busy man right now. With a team of 14 gardeners and 10 assistants, he is in charge of transforming the gardens from summer to autumn for the coming Halloween season.

What is the best thing about Halloween in Tivoli?

"The best thing is transforming the park from a summer garden to a brand, new autumn garden with a beautiful harvest theme. And it's a great challenge to make it happen, because we have only 18 days to do it, starting when the summer season closes, before we open for Halloween. So it requires good logistics and preparation - eg. already in March we order approximately 20,000 pumpkins."

Do you have a great Halloween story to share?

"After one of the first Halloween seasons, we received an e-mail from an American guest who thanked us for a great visit at the park and ended by writing" that he had now seen how a true Halloween decoration should look." 

Do you have any tips on how to decorate for Halloween at home?

"Go for a walk in the garden, the forest, at the beach, etc. and be inspired by nature around you; branches, leaves, chestnuts, fruits, mushrooms, flowers and especially the beautiful seed heads from the plants. Use it as scenography with whole pumpkins because they last longer than carved pumpkins and look more natural..Then just use your imagination."