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Halloween fun with Rasmus and Flora

Rasmus Klump performances

Boo! Rasmus Klump has found his fangs and is in a teasing mood when he takes to the stage at The Glass Hall Theatre each day with his gardener friend Flora in two Halloween performances with free access for Tivoli guests. You can also visit Rasmus Klump's playground, featuring hanging bridges, crawl tunnels and look-out towers – and gobble up a delicious pancake when hunger strikes.

Trick-or-treat The Pancake Villain


Halloween rides

Squeals for little ones

Step on board the Little Ghost Train and meet some nice, friendly ghosts on this cosy train ride. You can also have an adventure in the exciting mushroom house on the Main Walk, or try out the halloween decorated carousels if you're ready for some squeals and fun.

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Catch one another in the huge labyrinth!

The Straw Bale Labyrinth

True to tradition, you will find the large straw bale labyrinth right in the middle of Tivoli, next to the Open Air Stage. Let your children play hide and seek in the labyrinth, which consists of over 1,900 bales of straw. It's a great place for some fun, and will put some fresh colour in those autumn cheeks.




Halloween Treats

Spectacularly spooky goodies

Are you looking for monster goodies and pancake fun? In Tivoli there's something for everyone to enjoy, from Halloween waffles, roasted almonds, spooky marshmallows and witchy black hot dogs. Have fun exploring the array of Halloween treats in the Gardens.

Halloween treats