Scary Halloween

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The Haunted

An old hospital hidden away and forgotten in the grottos under the Roller Coaster. A wretched place where patients have been subjected to experiments beyond our wildest nightmares in this day and age, and some of them refuse to leave the Hospital and this world.

They are waiting for you in the dark, so keep looking over your shoulder...

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Share your spooky experience with friends and family on the social media. You can download a gif from your experience in The Haunted through Tivoli's app. But be quick! The gif is accessible for 10 minutes after the end of the ride. The price for the gif is 25 DKK -  it is free if you have Unlimited Ride Tickets Plus.

Note - If you download the gif, Tivoli will store a copy for 30 days. Tivoli will only use it to give you a memorable laugh. You can download and share the gif, but it is not allowed to use it for commercial intentions. It is not allowed to download gif's from other gusets' rides unlessthey have expressed their consent.


The Cemetery

Scary night walks in the haunted Cemetery

Do you dare to take a stroll around the Cemetery?
When darkness descends and the bats flutter silently across the lake, the Cemetery awakens.

In the mist of the bog womans brew, the shadows of the night and the sounds from the swaying linden trees, only the bravest will reach the end of the twisted paths. Anything can happen!

The Cemetery is open everyday from 17:00 PM to 22:00 PM. The Cemetery experience is free for all guests in the Tivoli Gardens from ages 12 years and up. The entrance to the Cemetery is located at Boulevard Gardens. 


Go all the way!

Unlimited Ride Ticket Plus

Unlimited Ride Ticket Plus gives you more thrills and smiles for Halloween! You get free entry to The Haunted and the rest of the rides in the Gardens, unlimited access to digital ride photos and more - when you also have an entrance ticket for Tivoli.

Unlimited Ride Ticket Plus