A taste of Halloween


The Halloween Hotdog

Do you dare to take a bite of the black Halloween hotdog? Hotdoghytten at the Open Air Stage gives the traditional hotdog a tasty Halloween twist with black bread, kimchmayo, pickled pumpkin relish, pumpkin seeds, coleslaw and an organic sausage. Enjoy!






The Pork Sandwich

A Halloween classic

The roasted Pork Sandwich is a must try at Halloween. The sandwich is a delight and a popular Halloween treat with juicy pork slices, crispy pork crackling, red cabbage, pickles and mayo. You can try it at Tivolis Flæskestegsbod in front of the Open Air Stage.


Bubble Waffle

This year Ismejeriet has two crispy halloween treats for you. The Bubble Waffles from Ismejeriet combines the sweet crsipy waffles with creamy soft ice. Take a bite of the Ghost Bubble Waffle with vanilla ice cream and marshmellows or try the licorice edition with licorice soft ice and the classic danish candy "rusty nails" with a hint of raspberry sauce. Enjoy!




Rasmus Klump's scary ice creams

At the Rasmus Klump Pancake House you can try six different variations of spooky soft ice, all made from the delicious Hansen ice cream. 

  • Pjerrot - vanilla soft ice with chocolate coated marshmellow treats and chocolate sprinkle
  • Columbine - vanilla soft ice with candy hearts and mini merengues 
  • Hugorm - vanilla soft ice with winegums, sour rainbows and Tivoli sprinkle
  • Monster - vanilla soft ice with candy eyes and bloody sirup
  • Vampyr - vanilla soft ice with winegum bats and licorice sprinkle
  • Skelet - vanilla soft ice with salty licorice skulls, candy witch houls and licorice sprinkle

Spooky Cream Puffs

The spooky Danish Cream Puffs is a delicious little treat, that creates a perfect Halloween mood for the afternoon tea and coffee break. At Cakenhagen you can find a cozy spot to enjoy these sweet halloween treats.




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Shelter from the weather's whims and satisfy appetites both large and small while investigating the Halloween specials at the restaurants and food stands dotted around the Gardens and the Tivoli Food Hall. Game, mushrooms and pumpkin are just a few of the gastronomic delights that bring autumn flavours to our menu. 

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