Spring is here!

In the mood for Easter

Spring is in the air and yellow daffodils, fuzzy Easter lambs and fresh green tree buds await you in Tivoli this Easter season. You can look forward to an Easter with plenty of fun and entertainment for the whole family.




Riddles and fun

Spring fun with Rasmus Klump

What are you doing for Easter? Why not join us when Rasmus Klump is up after a long winter hibernation and plans to make a huge party for all his friends, now that spring is here!

Rasmus and Pingo want to decorate Easter eggs, but they don’t have any. Maybe Flora could help or might she be too busy spring cleaning Tivoli? After the show, join the three friends and can get a real bear hug.


The Ugly Chicken

With Pierrot as the narrator, here comes a new version of Hans Christian Andersen's famous story about The Ugly Duckling. In Pierrot's version, we find dancing toads, flowers, chickens... and the ugly chicken, who cannot figure out its place in the world. The plethora of roles are created by children from the Tivoli Ballet School.

The biggest dining spot in Copenhagen

Enjoy a delicious Easter lunch

Easter in Denmark equals Easter lunch with family and friends, and the options in Tivoli are many. Select restaurants offer special Easter menus, and all our outlets are open and ready for you to drop in!