Lots of icy fun

Winter for children

Winter games

Rasmus Klump

Join us for a winter fairy tale

Rasmus Klump has woken from his winter hibernation and is ready to play with his friends, Pingo and Flora, on the Open Air Stage. Join us every day for fantastic adventures in Winter Fun and Round trip to Pingonesia. After the performance, you can meet Rasmus and co. for some friendly bear hugs!

Round trip to Pingonesia   Winter fun


Skating rink

Pirouttes on ice

Are you a princess on skates or Bambi on ice? Tivoli's skating rink has room for everyone, so get your skates on and glide out on the octagonal skating rink in front of Nimb's dazzling palace. Feel free to bring your own skates, or rent skates in the Gardens.

Feel the adrenaline rush

Ride in the middle of our winter wonderland

Together with our special Winter riders, most of the Gardens’ rides will be open during Winter in Tivoli. Feel the wind on your cheeks as you look out over the captivating snow-covered winter landscape from above.


Visit Pingonesia

Igloo full of fun

In the snow in front of the Open Air Stage we have build a gigantic igloo and filled it with lots of fun for the youngest members of the family. Here you can romp about on slides, test your courage on the climbing walls, play snowball fights with your friends and much more.