Rasmus Klumps World

Rasmus Klumps World

At Rasmus Klumps World you are challenged to have an adventure! Pingonesia, play islands and tubes to crawl through lie side by side, and you can also submerge yourself in the fantasy world in a mini submarine.

PLEASE NOTE! Rasmus Klumps World is closed due to the current COVID-19 restrictions.

Rasmus Klumps World is a play world for children of all ages. A children's oasis in the middle of the Gardens, which is free for our guests, and where you can bring your own food, while the kids fool around.

In total there are 40 different activities in the 1300 m2 large area, which is divided into two sections: one for very young children, where you land softly if you should fall on the tail, and an area for older children, who aren't afraid to be challenged.

Rasmus Klumps old ship, Mary, is located on the back of the 14-meter whale Valde, where you can also buy pancakes and visit our changing station.

You can also take a ride in the Lighthouse, the world's first Petzi themed ride.

Explore Rasmus Klumps World here..

Playground - Closed due to COVID-19 restrictions

Lots of fun with Rasmus Klump and his friends!

Rasmus Klump and his friends are always ready for new adventures. Join in with his fun adventure universe, in which energy and the imagination have free rein. In 2015 we have extended the playground to include even more challenges and new sensations that will also appeal to slightly older children. 

The playground now includes three new towers featuring suspension bridges, look-out posts, a climbing net, telescopes and plateaus on multiple levels. Hop on board the ship Mary, go on an adventure in the Lighthouse or play on the back of the 14 metre-long whale, Valde.

Entrance is free for visitors to the Gardens, and when it's time for a break you can enjoy your own food or grab one of Rasmus Klump pancakes from the pancake house.

The Lighthouse

Up in the Lighthouse!

Sail away on cute sea creatures with Rasmus Klumps Lighthouse ride. This one is perfect for children who enjoy a few butterflies in their tummies, without things getting too rough. Take Mum, Dad or your sister along, press down on the pedals, and see how high you can get.

The Lighthouse is the world's first and best Rasmus Klump ride, and is open to anyone over 120 cm tall. If you are only 90 cm tall, you can go on board if accompanied by someone who is at least 14.

Try out the Lighthouse with  a ride ticket for 30 DKK or a multi-ride ticket. 

Rasmus Klump's favorites - pancakes!

Rasmus Klump loves pancakes! Visit his delicious-smelling pancake house and taste Rasmus's favourite jam pancake or Skæg's tasty pancake pack with chicken. There are also yummy organic smoothies, coffee for Mum and Dad, and soft ice and ice lollies for all good children.

You can also buy gorgeous Rasmus Klump bears, books and toys.

The Family Amenity Centre

In Rasmus Klump's World, it goes without saying that we have thought about our smallest visitors.

The Family Amenity Centre is a quiet oasis providing everything you may need for your child. Heat up bottles or baby food in the microwave, breastfeed in comfortable, soft chairs, and make use of the excellent nappy-changing facilities.

You will find the Family Amenity Centre in the middle of Rasmus Klump's World, so you're never far away from our excellent facilities.

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