Another summer with Friday Rock

Some of the best artists will perform at the Open Air Stage Friday after Friday. Experience international stars such as The Hollywood Vampires and a-ha.

Or are you more into Danish top artists such as Kim Larsen, L.O.C., Scarlet Pleasure, Mew or Alex Vargas?

See you at the Open Air Stage!

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23 Thursdays with upcoming artists

Little Friday presents 23 Thursdays with new Danish music from both popular genres and challenging styles of the underground music.

The program includes new and talented musicians like pop princess Aura, singer songwriter Jacob Bellens, talented songwriter Hjalmer, dancehall darlings Klumben & Raske Penge and pop duo Fool. 

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Filtrér Alle
A part of

Show & Menu

Swirling dancers and captivating music that draws you into an enchanting universe. Culinary experiences that complete the experience. Saturate your senses with Show & Menu.

Start or finish your evening with a delicious menu at one of the selected restaurants, where the joy and excitement of a show in one of our venues is the backdrop for a pleasant evening.

Please note: There are limited spaces available for Show and Menu at the individual restaurants.



Tivoli’s own music guard

The Tivoli Youth Guard

The 100 children who now make up the Tivoli Youth Guard are the current face of a tradition stretching back to 1844, when the world’s first youth guard was formed as a “Lilliputian Military”.

After Tivoli opened successfully in 1843, its founder, Georg Carstensen, decided to give himself a Tivoli Youth Guard as a birthday present for Tivoli’s second season – and so it came to pass.