Tivoli Gospel Festival

Amazing gospel tones

From Saturday, April 21, 2018 - Sunday, April 22, 2018

The Gardens

p>We are delighted to announce that the tenth Tivoli Gospel Festival will take place in Tivoli in 2018.

The entire Gardens will ring with gospel tones and infectious rhythms, and both the artists and audiences will enjoy a weekend of song and joy in full swing.

The festival features gospel music for every taste, with gospel singers from all over the country performing at the Open Air Stage, the Orangery and the Pantomime Theatre.


Saturday 21 April

11.30 Joyces
12.20 Crossroad Gospel
14.00 True Gospel Singers
15.10 Voices of Gospel
16.00 Ordrup Gospel

The Open Air Stage
12.00 Revelation Gospel Choir
12.50 Helsingør Gospelkor
13.40 United Gospel Choir
15.00 Gospelkoret Old Stars
15.50 Faxe Gospel
17.00 Slagelse Gospel Choir & Kalundborg Gospel Choir

Sunday 22 April
The Orangery
11.30 Grønnevang Skolens Gospelkor
12.20 Gospellights
13.10 Gospel Generation Amager
14.00 Hvidovre Gospel

11.30 Gospel Revolution
12.20 Glostrup Gospel
13.10 Holstebro Gospelkor
14.00 Moving Gospel
15.10 Gauerslund Gospelkor
16.00 Lindehøj Gospel Singers
17.10 SHOUT Gospel Voices

The Open Air Stage
12.00 Amager Gospelkor
12.50 Gospelkoret UpRising
13.40 Ringsted Gospel Choir
15.00 Gospel Im Osten (Tyskland)
15.50 Copenhagen Gospel Singers
17.00 Faith