Tivoli 175 Anniversary parade

An enchanting and enjoyable parade

From Saturday, May 19, 2018 - Sunday, September 23, 2018

The Gardens

Don't miss the sparkling festivities and fun of Tivoli's 175th Anniversary Parade, which will move through the Gardens every day of the week except Fridays from 19 May.

The Anniversary Parade is the biggest parade in the history of Tivoli, and will include five fantastic floats, one of which has been designed by Walt Disney World Resort.

Experience everything from dancing lights to classic Tivoli icons in this hundred metre-long Anniversary Parade.

Be our guest in the Anniversary Parade. Find a seat in the special Trolley Bus, which will round off the parade, and be part of the biggest parade in Tivoli's history. Tickets available from the Service Center on the day (spaces are limited) This Trolley Bus stops at Nimband you will be served a nice cold drink for the ride. Linje 8 - the Trolly Bus goes: Monday – Thursday at 16:45 Saturday and Sunday at 17:45


Monday – Thursday at 17.00
Saturday and Sunday at 18.00

Tivoli's 175th Anniversary Parade will not run on the following dates:
All Fridays.
Saturday - September 8th - Due to Voice18 Concert