Vintage Garden Party

A classy day in historic surroundings

August 9

The Gardens

Again this year Tivoli invites you to a beautiful Sunday outing in historical surroundings with swing music, picnicking and vintage clothing.

The Tivoli Ensemble performs without crowns or divas.
The lawn is devoted to the hand-played and hard swinging dance music provided by Tivoli's own band.

Bring your own picnic basket and blanket and relax at the lawn.
Before the concert, the swing and jazz music of the past is played.
During the day everybody can participate in activities and historic games.

Dress code:
Vintage Garden Party celebrates the tradition of dressing up in style.
Wear your most stylish clothing with inspiration from when your mother, grandfather or great-great grandmother went to Tivoli.

This is not a costume event, and the event does not recreate a particular decade. We want to see you in your most beautiful and stylish outfit, where you will shed the good style of the past - exactly as you prefer and interpret it.


August 9
Included in the admission fee to Tivoli