Kerl & Wagner

Torsten Kerl specialises in Wagner tenor roles – and he takes us with him on a journey through Wagner's universe, from the early operas such as Rienzi, Lohengrin and Tannhäuser to the modern composer's core works, Tristan and Isolde and Nibelung's ring.

Saturday, August 4, 2018

At 19:30 - 21:30

The Tivoli Concert Hall

In an intimate soundscape, as only six strings players accompany the extracts that Torsten Kerl has selected for the concert. Join an unusual Wagner journey – and listen to the highlights of Wagner's gallery of tenor roles in a rarely transparent and light version.


Lohengrin – prelude to the Act 1
Lohengrin – the Legend of the Holy Grail – In fernem Land
Tannhäuser – overture
Tannhäuser – Rome Narrative – Imbrunst im Herzen
Tristan – prelude to Act 1
Rienzi – Allmacht'ger Vater
The Valkyrie – Ein Schwert verhieß mir der Vater
The Valkyrie – the Ride of the Valkyries
The Valkyrie – Winterstürme wichen dem Wonnemond
Siegfried Idyll
Siegfried – Hoho! Hohei! Schmiede, mein hammer