New York City Ballet

Ballet has always been an important part of Tivoli’s cultural programme. This will be highlighted once again when New York City Ballet visits the Tivoli Concert Hall in August to celebrate the Gardens' 175th birthday with world-class dance.

From Wednesday, August 15, 2018 - Sunday, August 19, 2018

The Tivoli Concert Hall

New York City Ballet celebrates Tivoli's birthday. The famous and highly reputable ballet company will take over the stage in the Tivoli Concert Hall with 70 of the best dancers in the world, including the Danish principal dancer Ask la Cour, three different programmes and a total of seven performances. New York City Ballet will hold its premiere on a very special day; Tivoli's birthday on 15 August. The guest performance is being supported by the A. P. Møller and Chastine McKinney Møller Foundation for General Purposes.

New York City Ballet turns 70 this year. They were last here ten years ago. Now they are back to mark Tivoli's 175th anniversary, which will be celebrated under the heading 'The world comes together in Tivoli' – a meeting of culture credited largely to dance.

Tivoli's Artistic Director, Peter Bo Bendixen, says: ”Getting New York City Ballet back to the Tivoli Concert Hall has been our ambition ever since the world-famous ballet company's star dancers last visited Tivoli in 2008. New York City Ballet definitely belongs among the world elite. Not only because of its outstanding repertoire with Balanchine and Robbins as guiding lights, but to a high degree also because the company is continuing to develop and challenge itself and dancing. It really is a world-class experience worthy of a 175th birthday.”

Tivoli brings world-class culture to Denmark. In Tivoli, the Pantomime Theatre and ballet go hand in hand. From its stage with the characteristic peacock curtains and with its own Tivoli Ballet Theatre company, Tivoli has been staging free pantomime performances and democratising dance and ballet in Denmark since 1843.

In 1977, Tivoli began the tradition of guest performances featuring the world's leading ballet companies. The great American companies – New York City Ballet, Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, American Ballet Theatre, Martha Graham Dance Company – have all been regular guests. But also the quirky Pilobolous, British Festival Ballet, which is now called the English National Ballet, and even folk dancers from Ukraine have showcased their talents in the Tivoli Concert Hall. In this way, the Danes have been treated to world-class culture brought right to their doorstep without needing to travel.

Tivoli's Vice President for Culture, Nikolaj Koppel, explains: ”The guest performance by New York City Ballet is one of the highlights of Tivoli's anniversary year and fits in admirably with our overall theme ’The world comes together in Tivoli’. We are proud that the company is joining our anniversary celebrations – and that we can offer Tivoli's guests such a unique experience.”