The dancers and the management

An insight into the dancers and the team behind the company

Productions span genres from pantomime to classical ballets, fairy tale ballets and modern works. The performances are staged by our in-house choreographers or by selected Danish and international guest choreographers.

The theatre's unique collection of pantomimes dates back over 200 years, while the tradition of ballets on the theatre's sloping stage started in 1911. Three character dancers are affiliated with the Tivoli Ballet Theatre, and their specific task is to continue this unique pantomime tradition.

The repertoire of classical ballets varies from small productions to large-scale classics squeezed into 30-minute performances. The 2014 production of "La Sylphide" – a work by August Bournonville, staged and adapted by Artistic Director Peter Bo Bendixen – was an example of a large-scale ballet that can be modified for this beautiful old theatre. 

The fairy tale ballets are often freely adapted from Hans Christian Andersen stories, and since 2001, Queen Margrethe II has been affiliated with the company as set designer. To date she has created décor and costumes for six fairy tale ballets, which are continuously being revived.

Paul James Rooney is attached to the Tivoli Ballet Theatre as choreographer. Paul has created six critically acclaimed works for the Company, including "Ocean Movements", "Polyphony", "Mezclanza" and "Butterfly Lovers", and on 13 July the Tivoli Ballet Theatre hosts the premiere of "Et Glimt af i Går, i Dag" ("A Glimmer of Yesterday Today"), a ballet about Danish furniture designers set to jazz classics recorded by Sinne Eeg and Birgitte Soojin, featuring costumes and set design by Charlotte Østergaard. As well as Paul's ballets, our repertoire also includes modern works by artists such as Tim Rushton, Kristian Lever, Tim Matiakis, Sebastian Kloborg and Marie Brolin.


A day in the life of a dancer

A classical dancer's working day starts at 9.45 a.m. with an hour and a half of morning practice, followed by rehearsals until 3 p.m.

Since the summer season includes nine or ten different productions, there is always something new to rehearse. Most of our dancers generally participate in two performances each evening. They arrive at 5.30 p.m. and will typically work until around 9.30 p.m.


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