Brdr. Price i Tivoli

Brdr. Price at Tivoli celebrates the art of Danish cuisine and finds inspiration in grandma's traditional Danish cookbook.

Put another way, Brdr. Price serves "Food like grandma made it" when she really had time for it, with butter of course. You can follow Brdr. Price's menu and á la carte on the board outside the restaurant, which changes during the seasons.

In the light rooms at Glassalen (the Glass Hall Theatre), which formerly housed the Michelin restaurant The Paul, posters and photos from the Price family's theatre history hang from the walls.

Did you know that the Price family established itself in Copenhagen at the beginning of the 1800s, and that individual family members helped to start up Pantomimeteatret (the Pantomime Theatre) at Tivoli?


Price level 100-175 DKK
Category Restaurant
Kitchen Danish
Phone +45 38 41 51 51
  • Childrens menu
  • Lactose free
  • Vegetarian
  • Private bookings outside season

Friday Rock Menu

To enjoy a concert on a summer evening in Tivoli is a beautiful experience in itself - but why not 'put the cherry on top'?

Start your evening with a delicious menu at one of the selected restaurants, before the Friday Rock concert.  

Admission to Tivoli is not included in the menu price and must be purchased separately.

Friday Rock Menu at Brdr. Price:

August & September

Snacks & bubbles

Smoked and rimmed salmon turned with sour cream and fresh herbs and served with crispy rye bread.

Entrecote served with salad, French fries and sauce bearnaise.

Crème brulée with pickled griottes. 

Coffee with homemade petit four

Mineral water

Price per person: 695 DKK

book table

It is possible to add our wine or organic juice menu.


With a Tivoli package, you'll have the complete Tivoli experience at hand.

All Inclusive:

Choose our main dish from the menu, served with fresh greens.
Children's menu: Fried filet of fish or chicken on a spit, both served with French fries. Served with a soda or juice..
Dessert*: Vanilla ice cream with toppings.

* Please note. Only included in the children's menu.

Sunday Dinner

Fixed price menu on Sundays during the summer season.

Our Sunday Dinner offer is available from 18 August - 22 September.

Sunday Dinner at Brdr. Price:

Roasted poussin breast served with crushed potatoes, topped with butter turned with fresh herbs and gravy with ramson oil.

Children: Crispy chicken breast or fried filet of fish, both served with French fries and veggie snacks. Dessert: Icecream and chocolate sauce.

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