Letz Sushi

LETZ SUSHIS new restaurant

LETZ SUSHI presents their latest restaurant in the Japanese Tower in Tivoli. The food will of course be based on sushi, with complementary items such as yaki spears, seaweed salads, tempura and the like. Guests can choose from lunch and evening menus as well as different children's menus. In addition, one can enjoy an exotic selection of beers and drinks, such as yuzu-lemonade.

It will also be possible to buy take-away food items directly from a window, facing the gardens.


Price level 100-175 DKK
Category Restaurant
Kitchen Asian
Phone +45 53 84 86 54
  • Childrens menu
  • Vegetarian
  • Handicap friendly access
  • Private bookings outside season


A delicious lunch-menu will be available from one of the selected restaurants. 

Please note: Admission to Tivoli is not included in the menu price and must be purchased separately.

Business lunch at LETZ SUSHI - Det japanske Tårn

Choose a first and a main course. Coffee will be served at the end of the meal.

First course:
Tempura starter
Salmon ceviche
Tuna tartare

Main course:
Sushi menu with 16 pieces
Salad of your choice
Yaki menu with three sticks, a bowl of rice, kimchi and two sizzling nigiri

Price per person: 235 DKK

Friday Rock Menu

To enjoy a concert on a summer evening in Tivoli is a beautiful experience in itself - but why not put "the cherry on top"?

Friday Rock Menu at Letz Sushi

Choose between:
Edamame: 30/35 DKK
Croquettes 3 or 5 pcs.: 70/95 DKK
Tempura prawns 3, 5 or 10 pcs.: 50/65/110 DKK
Main courses
Letz Don 36 pcs.: 320 DKK
Salmon Love 17 pcs.: 190 DKK
Yaki 4 pcs.: 100 DKK
Bowl: 185 DKK
Letz Vegan Deluxe 16 pcs.: 155 DKK
Nemo Menu 10 pcs.: 90 DKK
Dessert and coffee
See our selection in the restaurant

The offer is valid on Fridays from 18-22.

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Show & Menu

Swirling dancers and captivating music that draws you into an enchanting universe. Culinary experiences that complete the experience. Saturate your senses with Show & Menu.

Starter: Salmon tartar with cream cheese, lemon grass, spring onion and trout

Main course: Two inside out bullet tuna, two big spicy spicy shrimp, two nigiri sizzling salmon with roe and two yaki - beef with herb cream and chicken with spicy dip

Dessert: Chocolate fondant with vanilla ice cream

Price: 285 DKK.


Sunday Dinner

Fixed price menu on Sundays during the summer season.

Our Sunday Dinner offer is available from 19 August - 23 September.

Sunday Dinner at Letz Sushi

Sushi menu no. 1, served with large beer soda or a glass of wine.

Children: Nemo menu.

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