Nimb Bar'n'Grill

Nimb Bar’n’Grill is currently closed.

Information about Covid-19 

Nimb Bar’n’Grill is currently closed to guests due to the government's tightened regulations on restaurants and eateries.


Delicacies from the grill with an Asian touch.

Few places are as sensuous as the food markets of Bangkok, Shanghai and Hanoi. With their redolent spices, flaring flames from the pans, and barbecues where the smoke lends great depth of flavour, these sizzling markets are characterised by a wealth of scents and intense flavours. This is our inspiration at Nimb Bar’n’Grill. 


Price level Over 175 DKK
Category Restaurant
Kitchen International
Phone +45 88 70 00 00
  • Open outside season
  • Private bookings outside season
  • Vegetarian
  • Diabetic
  • Lactose free
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