The captain welcomes you aboard the Tivoli family restaurant Pirateriet and guarantees a real pirate experience.

On board the pirate ship, the pirates serve tasty food inspired from the Spanish cuisine. We serve grilled skewers, steaks and more prepared for both big and small pirates. See menu here:


Dessert menu

Parties of 10 persons or more can book a table and must preorder the menu in advance. Contact the captain stri@tivoli.dk

We do not accept reservations for smaller parties. Please come aboard and we will find a table for you.

The story of Pirateriet

The ”Sct. Georg III” frigate is 27 meters long and measures 25 meters from the water to the top of the mainmast. Which weighs three tons. The total weight of the ship is approximately 100 tons. 

Tivoli’s first frigate was lauched  in 1887. In those days, the Tivoli Lake was much bigger and you had to row to and from the ship. It became a popular hangout for the city’s actors and artists, but the “Sct. Georg I” only lasted until 1901 when a particularly rough winter took its toll. 

To celebrate Tivoli’s 90th birthday, the gardens had  "Sct. Georg II" build, though in a more stripped down version. The frigate did not last for long. In May 1940, the ship simply fell apart. 

"Sct. Georg III" was built in Hvide Sande in accordance with the very finest Danish handcrafting techniques. As the great ship lies in the lake today, it has a total cost of  10 mio. DKK

Have a jolly pirate Christmas

Christmas special on the pirate ship


Enjoy a delicious holiday meal on the Tivoli Lake when we offer classic Christmas dishes on the Pirate Ship from 17 to 22 on selected Fridays during November and December.




Price level 100-175 DKK
Category Restaurant
Kitchen Family
Phone +45 22 72 57 45
  • Childrens menu
  • Private bookings outside season
Culinary delights to fulfill your evening

New Year's Eve menu

Please note: entrance to Tivoli is not included in the menu and must be purchased separately.

New Year's Eve at Pirateriet:

Cuvée Carstensen - Tivoli anniversary Beer Cuvée Carstensen (fresh and fruity "champagne beer")

Marinated prawns, olives, salted almonds and flatbread
Roast fillet of beef with crispy potatoes, salad of spring cabbage and red wine sauce
Rum pudding with baked pineapple and roasted coconut and nougat

Coffee / tea with petit fours

Price per person 425 DKK

Children's menu:

Captain's favorite

Marinated prawns, olives, salted almonds and flatbread
Pirate's cheese burger - with crispy potatoes and vegetables
Vanilla pudding with chocolate drops
Free soft drinks

Price per person 225 DKK

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With a Tivoli package, you'll have the complete Tivoli experience at hand.

All Inclusive:

Pork on a spit, with tomato, peppers, chorizo, seasonal vegetables and potatoes. Served with a soda or a glass of wine. 
Children’s menu: Meatballs with vegetables and potatoes. Served with a soda.


Five fritters with Christmas grogg or cocoa with whipped cream and marsh mallows.


Show & Menu

Swirling dancers and captivating music that draws you into an enchanting universe. Culinary experiences that complete the experience. Saturate your senses with Show & Menu.

Main course: Grilled skewer served with green salad and crispy, fried potatoes with aioli and salsa - choose between chicken or pig.

Dessert: Banana split.

Price: 215 DKK

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