Price's Diner

American “comfort-food”.

New American-style Diner in Tivoli.

The emphasis is on American "comfort -food " with sumptuos burgers, French fries, hot dogs, fried chicken, milkshakes, ice cream sundaes and classic sandwiches and much more. 

Our ground meat is from prime Danish beef cattle, our sausages are homemade from our personal recipe and our cheese is the best Danish quality. 

We are more than pleased to welcome our guests to a place where the whole family can meet and enjoy a delicious and fun meal.


Price level 100-175 DKK
Category Restaurant
Kitchen International
  • Handicap friendly access
  • Childrens menu


With a Tivoli package, you'll have the complete Tivoli experience at hand.

All Inclusive:

Cheeseburger with French fries.

Children's menu: Hamburger with French fries.

Dessert*: Classic sundae with chocolate sauce.

* Please note: The dessert is only included in the children's menu.

Culinary delights to fulfill your evening

New Year's Eve menu

Please note: entrance to Tivoli is not included in the menu and must be purchased separately.

New Year's Eve at Prices Diner

Snacks: Chicken chips, fried calf tails and fried oysters. With a glass of champagne.

First course: Tatar of smoked salmon with fresh cheese and trout.
White wine ad libitum

Surf & turf: 250 gr. beef tenderloin with lobster, truffle sauce and French fries.
Red wine ad libitum

Dessert: Pomegranate panna cotta
Coffee and tea

Tivoli's grand Fireworks at 23.00

Price per person 895 DKK

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