Sct. Georg III

Tivoli's very own frigate.

The story of Sct. Georg III

The ”Sct. Georg III” frigate is 27 meters long and measures 25 meters from the water to the top of the mainmast. Which weighs three tons. The total weight of the ship is approximately 100 tons. 

Tivoli’s first frigate was lauched  in 1887. In those days, the Tivoli Lake was much bigger and you had to row to and from the ship. It became a popular hangout for the city’s actors and artists, but the “Sct. Georg I” only lasted until 1901 when a particularly rough winter took its toll. 

To celebrate Tivoli’s 90th birthday, the gardens had  "Sct. Georg II" build, though in a more stripped down version. The frigate did not last for long. In May 1940, the ship simply fell apart. 

"Sct. Georg III" was built in Hvide Sande in accordance with the very finest Danish handcrafting techniques. As the great ship lies in the lake today, it has a total cost of  10 mio. DKK

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