Tivoli's 175th Anniversary

A warm welcome to Cuvée Carstensen

"A 175th anniversary calls for champagne - not least in an amusement park whose in-house composer wrote the classic Champagne Gallop! But since we are Danish we have chosen to craft a beer that has a Nordic soul, but is heavily inspired by the noble French drink."

Watch the video of brew master Anders Kissmeyer telling about his work on refining our new anniversary beer.

Cuvée Carstensen

Tivoli's 175th anniversary beer

In collaboration with Royal Unibrew, we have developed a new beer for our 2018 anniversary. Cuvée Carstensen is brewed with verjuice, which consists of juice of immature grapes, yuzu fruit, fig and mutton, creating a very unique beer with a fruity and wine-like taste almost without sweetness and bitterness. It is a beer for any special occasion!

  • Alc. 8.0%
  • EBC 15
  • IBU 15


Twisted ale

Tivoli Specials Series

Inspired by 'American Pale Ale' from the west coast of the United States. With a spicy, dry and honey-flavored taste with light and fruity touches, it comes with a solid malt background with light caramel character. Brewed on California Ale Yeast and Simcoe-, Citra and Pacific Gem Hops.

  • Alc. 5.5%
  • EBC 25
  • IBU 45


Black IPA

Tivoli Specials Series

Inspired by the fresh hop taste of US Stout types, but with an easier touch of both alcohol and color. Brewed on Cascade, Citra and Simcoe hops. Dry, crisp and bitter hops with clear malt body and notes of coffee, chocolate and liquorice.

  • Alc. 6.5%
  • EBC 150
  • IBU 50


Seductive Bock

Tivoli Specials Series

A full beer with a distinctive malt character, classic hops flavor and a very mild blackberry note. A special blend of hops from Saaz, Kazbek and Green Bullet, with added blackberry concentrate as a flavor.

  • Alc. 7.0%
  • EBC 15
  • IBU 40