As well as the beatiful and rare flowers, you will also find all kinds of spices, berries, and fruits hidden away in the gardens at Tivoli in the heart of Copenhagen, Denmark. So Royal Unibrew's brewmaster have let their imaginations roam free as they crafted a range of unique beers featuring the best types of hops and malt as well as the garden's botanical hallmark. Tivoli has its own bees, and we have borrowed a drop of their honey for the appetisin recipes.
In fact, the sweet words that summerise these delightful beers are quality and delicious flavours


Rose Leaf Amber Ale

Rose Leaf Amber Ale is brewed using both pilsner and ale malts. The result is a full-bodied yet gentle dark ale with fragrant notes. We have used fine Nelson Sauvin and Pacific Gem hops from New Zealand and North America and have added rose leaves and rose hips for a Tivoli Gardens inspired twist. Rose Leaf Amber Ale goes well with any dish on the table.

  • ABV 6,0%
  • EBC 75
  • IBU 23


Vienna Note Pils

This Vienna Note Pils is brewed with Czech floor-malted barley, Cara Munich Type 1 malt and the finest Czech Saaz and Kazbeck hops. We have also added honey, pumpkins and apples. For brewers making a good pilsner is seen as one of the most demanding tasks. With Vienna Note Pils our ambition is the perfect pilsner. Enjoy it chilled and in good company, accompanying a good lunch.

  • ABV 4,6%
  • EBC 6
  • IBU 25


Golden Tower IPA

Given the task of creating the Golden Tower IPA, our brewmaster decided to go for plenty of delicate Citra, Simcoe and Pacific Gem hops. Then he added more unorthodox seasonings inspired by Tivoli Gardens. Rhubarb, rose hips, thyme and a touch of honey give this IPA its unique character. Golden Tower IPA is fresh and refreshing. Just what you need after a ride on the Roller Coaster.

  • ABV 5,7%
  • EBC 19
  • IBU 34