When service is prioritised

Our service profile

Tivoli employs around 1,200 staff whose primary task is to serve the needs of all our visitors to ensure that they have an exceptional experience with the rides and in the Gardens. Visitors can easily identify us, because we have “Tivoli” emblazoned on our clothing. We are found at every sales point, at the entrances, by the rides, at food outlets and lots of other places around the Gardens.

A further 600 employees may not all have “Tivoli” emblazoned on their clothing, but are also passionate about providing the same high level of service, just internally. We know that exceptional internal service is essential for exceptional visitor service.

When service is prized this highly in everything we do, it is because we work in accordance with the service value chain. To put it briefly, we believe that a good workplace, in which employees are satisfied, skilled and loyal, is essential in order for us to provide exceptional visitor service. This results in satisfied and loyal visitors, which is crucial to our ability to grow and prosper as a business.

Tivoli Service means exceptional service, which distinguishes itself from merely good service by offering more than visitors or colleagues expect in order to be satisfied. This can be demanding, as in one situation we may have to behave calmly and authoritatively, whereas ten minutes later, faced with quite a different situation, we must be energetic and efficient. 

We are flexible and intuitive to the situation, as any given day can have us dealing with both a group of wild teenagers celebrating their “Blue Monday” following their confirmation and a pensioners' outing to a classical concert. How do we do it? 

We have a basic rule that says we are all directors within a radius of three metres. This means that if we notice a bit of rubbish within that radius, or if a child is crying within those three metres, we deal with it. Whoever is on the spot must take action.

1) I ensure that there is a good atmosphere by smiling and making eye contact
2) I pick up rubbish and ensure that everything is nice for visitors
3) I take responsibility when visitors need assistance or are not satisfied

Working at Tivoli is fun, exciting and demanding. As an employee at Tivoli, we are both entitled and obliged to do exactly what we feel is right in a situation, in order to impress a visitor or a colleague. It's about reacting intuitively to situations, and about seizing opportunities to provide exceptional service as they arise.