Filming permission & photo shoots

If you wish to film in Tivoli, you must first apply for filming permission from the Communications Department.

Please fill out the form below and send it to us. We will look at your requirements and make the necessary arrangements, in accordance with our general rules. The permit must bes igned on the day of the shoot.

Permits for filming

If you wish to film in Tivoli, you must first apply for filming permission from the Communications Department.
You will be asked to indicate what, when and where you wish to film. Who are you? What is the recording to be used for? How many of you are there on the team? And so on.

Conditions for filming for television and/or cinema/media

1)  Only Tivoli’s Public Relations Department is authorised to grant permission for filming.

2) The recordings may only be used for the purpose specifically stated on this form and in many circumstances only to drama, movie or editorial purposes.

3) The Production Company/ Media must reimburse Tivoli for the total cost of wages for all gatemen, workmen, electricians etc. and for the electricity, barriers, cleaning, etc. deemed necessary by Tivoli on account of the filming activities.

4) The Production Company/ Media undertakes to observe Tivoli’s general regulations and in addition to comply with all directions given by Tivoli’s representatives. Tivoli reserves the right at any time to demand that the filming stops, including if it is of greater inconvenience to the audience than anticipated or if, in Tivoli’s view, special arrangements or other factors render this necessary. Any interruptions shall not entitle the Production Company/ Media to make any claims against Tivoli or to refuse to refund the costs incurred up to that time.

5) The Production Company/ Media accepts unconditional liability for all and any damage caused to Tivoli’s buildings, installations and equipment and for all and any injury to members of the public, personnel, etc. directly or indirectly as a result of the filming activities. The Production Company/ Media also accepts any financial liability that may arise, directly or indirectly, as a consequence of the filming activities, and the Production Company/ Media undertakes to indemnify Tivoli fully for any loss and to indemnify Tivoli fully against any and all claims arising out of the filming activities, including claims from tenants, performers and members of the public and personnel. Furthermore, the attention is drawn to present and future legislation on copyright, so that claims from artists and others shall be paid by the company even though the company has not itself engaged the persons in question to take part in filming activities.

6) The person in charge of the filming must always carry company’s copy of this permit and shall present it on demand.

7) This permit does NOT relieve the Production Company/ Media of the obligation to make necessary, special agreements with tenants, musicians etc.

TV and filming

Photo shoots

Contact Tivoli Communications

Please send your form to:

Press Office Duty Officer

Phone: +4533750738

Torben Plank
Head of press Torben Plank

Phone: +4522237440

Ellen Dahl
Communications Consultant Ellen Dahl

Phone: +4533750600

Press Coordinator, Classical music Line Breuning

Phone: +4542426588

Communications Consultant Mette Rou Lund

Phone: +45 22237213